Group Exhibits:
-- Temple Beth Zion "Fall into Art," group show in Buffalo, NY. Cohen exhibited 9 prints with a focus onTalmudic studies, the celebration of Jewish life, persecution and the holocaust. Show November 2015.
-- Art Olympia Tokyo Competition 2015. Show June 2015. Opening Images.
-- "Chicago’s Bauhaus Legacy" 8/9/2013~9/29/2013. Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) presented a large group show covering the Institute of Design (ID) in Chicago, Illinois. ID was often called the “Chicago Bauhaus.” Cohen graduated from ID in 1949. His training at ID with Bauhaus designers Serge Chermayeff and László Moholy-Nagy shaped him for his future in education, design and art. His mentors saw great things in him and asked him to stay on and teach. Cohen was the Chairman of ID's Product Design Dept. from 1949 to 1955. For more about the Chicago Bauhaus visit the ID Timeline. Opening Night photos. 
-- "The Passion of Printmaking" in the three-man show “Print Review” held at the University of Buffalo's Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Cohen exhibited 64 of his prints with a special exhibit of drawings, printing plates and blocks. March~May 2012 See details at:  Press Release,
 Opening night photos, Installation in progress ,and the Completed installation
-- Visual Image Fine Arts Publishing, Dallas, TX. Juried Group Show, (Feb. 2010), Springtime Art Show (March 2010), Print Show (April 2010)
-- Participant of traveling lighting show, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) 1949
-- Cohen-Pratt Chair, nylon and steel chair, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Decorative Arts 1950-1951
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