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Harold L. Cohen (Printmaker) in “Print Review” at Anderson Gallery


3/1/2012 Buffalo, NY. Harold L. Cohen, Dean Emeritus and Professor of the School of Architecture and Planning, SUNYaB, will participate in “Print Review,” a 3-man print show (3/3/12~5/27/12) held at the University of Buffalo’s Anderson Gallery. The opening is March 3rd at 6PM.

Manscape # II



16” x 9 7/8”

Professor Cohen will be showing 64 of his prints (including collagraphs, intaglios, wood cuts, linocuts, and etchings) with a special exhibit of some of his drawings, printing plates and blocks. Cohen (bn. Brooklyn, NY, 1925), was trained in the Bauhaus tradition of art and design and combines his religion, design and art studies in his art. He has produced over 400 prints with paintings and sculpture in several media in his downtown Buffalo studio.

Cohen: “I bought my first burins with my good friend, Misch Kohn, printmaker (1916~2003), when we both were teaching at the Institute of Design in Chicago. Misch taught me how to hold the tools, how to mix the ink, how to ink a block, and to choose the types of ink depending upon the type of wood and the kinds of papers. That initiation to wood engraving was in 1949. Doing my artwork now is one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. I waited until I was 75 years old to do something I’ve held in check for most of my adult life. I do it because I love it. My work is the outside reality of the inside of me. What was in the past unusable and hiding is now open and visible.”


UB Anderson Gallery: “Printmaking offered a summation of many of his [Cohen’s] interests, particularly its dichotomous characteristics: processes demanding both scientific and artistic thinking and the mastery of traditional techniques coupled with innovation. Printmaking became the perfect sanctuary for Cohen’s energy, passion for lifelong learning, love of design, and his search for expressing the human condition. The prints selected by guest curator and artist, Hyeyoung Shin, alumnus and Research Scholar of UB’s Department of Visual Studies, demonstrate Cohen’s constant experimentation with process and expression.”  


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