Cohen's Techniques



When it comes to Cohenís intaglio, he has made some major changes to the technique. Because Cohen does not have or use an etching press, he has developed ways to get enough pressure on his plates to produce satisfactory results. Cohen says that his early plates were copper with an acid bath. He now uses zinc plates and copper sulphate to etch his plates. He finds this makes them safer to handle. He often works directly onto the plates with a resist.




Cohenís linocuts are produced using a wide variety of cutting tools. He uses German wood carving tools, Austrian tools, and some tempered steel tools from India. To produce the different textures, he often uses up to five different tools on a single piece.


Woodcuts & Wood Engravings


Woodcuts originate from the grain side of solid pine and bass wood blocks. Cohenís wood engravings start with the finest end-grain boxwood blocks imported from France and England as well as lemon wood and maple blocks made in the US. Cohen prefers to cut away from his body using wood carving tools from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.